July 10, 2014

Happy 10th Of July!

The 10th of July means the 11th of July is tomorrow. And the 11th of July is the end of another work week. Yay weekend! I have a couple more things I need to get for my brother's wedding which is just over a week away. It's just going to be a small thing at their house. I am making cupcakes. And trying to figure out how to pronounce his new last name. I'm awesome.

So for the 4th of July, I decided to look patriotic. Just not conventionally patriotic, because where's the fun in being normal?

June 29, 2014

Ipsy (June 2014)

It's still June, so it's ok to be doing this today right? Right. June's theme was a summery "Pretty in Paradise." According to the picture on the card, paradise is surfing so these items must be awesome for surfing (and I can only assume subsequently being eaten by sharks.)

June 16, 2014

The Used (6/16/14)

[please note an item in this post was given to me by the manufacturer. not to review, but it was free]

It's been a while, right? I think I decided part of my issue was that there were some things I was using as staples and I was tired of writing the same thing over and over. And over. Yeah. So my new format I'm trying is I write when I want about the things I have opinions on (be they good or bad.)

May 30, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic - Pet Me, Please Lipstick

I will admit that I'm not the MAC girl that I used to be. There was a time, not too too long ago, that I would order half the things that came out in a collection or I would stay up until all hours of the morning to ensure I didn't miss out on a launch. These day I'm pretty take-it-or-leave-it (more leave it) when it comes to the new collections. I can't be bothered with a company who hypes things up and by the time you get the email letting you know the collection launched, it's completely sold out. That's obnoxious. This all said, I did get suckered in a little by the Alluring Aquatic collection. Because of the packaging. Well, look:

(don't look under my nails, apparently there was still BB cream 
from when I did my makeup just before :/)

May 28, 2014

Ipsy (May 2014)

Come on spring! Okuuuuuuuuur??? I'm sure that makes sense to none of you, but I am amusing myself.

May's Ipsy bag was called "Fresh Picks" and included items meant to be spring-like. I will apologize now, but this bag was very cream/serum-centric which means all talk, no pictures.

May 26, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2014 Soap Box

Ever since I cancelled my Beauty Army subscription, I have been itching to try out another "sample box" kind of deal. I looked into many, but finally settled on trying out the one from Fortune Cookie Soap. I originally heard about the brand on xsparkage.com a while back. She may have posted more recently as well, but I honestly haven't followed her much since she found out she was pregnant. It's wonderful for her, but I have squeamish issues with things like ultrasound pictures and once a couple went up I just couldn't do it any more. Totally not the point. The point is I actually ordered some items from the site just to see what I thought before signing up for their "Soap Box."

What the Soap Box is, is a 4-times-per-year preview of the upcoming season's collection. For $20 you get sample-sized products in the upcoming scents along with a $10 discount code to use when the collection actually launches. Each scent comes in several different kinds of products, so if you like the way it smells but not the product itself, you can choose something else (i.e. if I got a bath bomb [don't have a bath] in a scent I love, I could get it in say, a body wash)

Summer 2014 Soap Box "Candy Aisle":

May 15, 2014


I didn't actually mean to make this into a post which is why I took pictures after wearing this for several hours and getting gross. The problem is Instagram didn't capture the mermaid-ness at all. This is closer. Still not quite there, but whatever.